Leadership and Teamwork Development Learning from High-Performance Motorsport

Ignition Human Performance are bringing their wealth of connections and knowledge from within high-performance motorsport to unlock people performance in business and personal development. Delivering understanding on how to implement and deliver Leadership, Teamwork and Performance to companies of all sizes and industries and enabling teams to shape and develop effective People Strategies and Results. This is Ignition Human Performance’s Motorsport DNA.

Normally these learnings are reserved for organisations, but in partnership with Motorsport Tickets, for the first time ever Ignition Human Performance are making all their course information and tools available to you, as part of 4-part 6-session learning and development series.

Join Ignition Human Performance for a three-part (five session) Personal Leadership and Teamwork Course using the lessons from Formula One, which has previously been delivered for Sir Jackie Stewart OBE’s Race Against Dementia charity, amongst other motorsport related businesses and teams.

There have been many great leaders in Formula One and other High-Performance Motorsport. From team bosses like Toto Wolff and Ron Dennis, to drivers like Michael Schumacher, who engaged with his Ferrari team so that they worked tirelessly to support his multiple world championships with them.

We watch these people on a Sunday afternoon whether at the track or on tv but we very rarely ask what made these people successful leaders and how can we use these lessons to support your own personal leadership style both personally and within business?

In these initial two sessions, we will explore:

  • What is leadership?
  • Developing your own personal leadership style, using examples from the F1 paddock past and present.
  • Leadership in a crisis – Brawn GP case study
  • Building and using leadership tools and techniques

2 x 3hr sessions | 15 April & 22 April | 2-5pm

Part 1 | Personal Leadership 

Teamwork is a key element to any professional sports team but particularly in Formula One, as enabling a tenth of a second really can mean the difference between success and failure, whether that be on the track, in the pitlane or back at their HQ.

But what lessons can we take from this to support our learning to how we can build a high-performance team in business and get the most out of them to achieve our collective goals?

This course will enable you to truly understand what makes the difference between success and failure in Motorsport, when it comes to Building High-Performance Teams. Using learnings from lessons such as Jaguar’s transformation into Red Bull, as well as a modern-day Formula 1 Pitstop, these sessions will focus on:

  • What is a High-performance team
  • How to work together as a team
  • Building team responsibility and values

2 x 3hr sessions | 6 May & 13 May | 2-5pm

Part 2 | Building High Performance Teams

Part 3 | Preparing for success

In an exclusive session with Simon Reynolds, the former McLaren Driver Performance Coach who now runs Formula To Perform. He will take you through the same High-Performance Mindset Framework that he has used with the likes of Lewis Hamilton, Land Norris, Alex Albon, Stoffel Vandorne and 2019 F2 Champion Nyck De Vries as he looks at how preparation is the Key to Success.

Followed by a section on building a collective strategy – where we will review what we have learnt in the previous sessions and run through how you can adapt it to your own personal leadership and teamwork styles.

1 x 3hr session | 20 May | 2-5pm

All sessions will be run via Ignitions’ brand new bespoke Virtual Learning Platform, to give you the opportunity to go on a fully immersive learning experience to understand how Leadership and Teamwork works with Motorsport.

In addition, 5 percent of your course fees will be donated by Ignition Human Performance to two great charities Sir Jackie Stewart OBE’s “Race Against Dementia” and Damon Hill OBE’s “halow project”, enabling them to continue their great work.


15hr Learning & Development Course


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